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James & Emylie’s Wedding- Myrtle Beach

¬†James and Emylie were a great couple and I could tell from the first time I met them that their relaxed personalities would make them a fun couple to work with. They planned a beach front wedding on a raised gazebo with an awesome view of the beach. And as you will see in the photos, they definitely don’t confine themselves to just the traditional styles of wedding¬†apparel. The red in the dress surprised me when she told me about it in person but it started growing on me as soon as I saw it in person, and by the end of the day I have to admit I was thinking that maybe more dresses should have a little pigmentation flare to them. Let us know what you think!!

One Year Update: James and Emylie have conceived a child! We look forward to hearing if its a boy or girl, and maybe even baby portraits! Stay tuned.