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Catey & Kyle Engaged! Fort Fisher, NC

OK- so i’m way overdue to show our much neglected blog and our super awesome clients some love 🙂

Catey and Kyle’s engagement portraits were a bit of first for us… they were in the morning!! The light was bound to be gorgeous and we were very excited! So down we went to Kure Beach/ Fort Fisher, NC.  I think David was  nervous because i’m a bit of bear in the morning but i had coffee so it was all good, and even better when we got there Catey had her thermos in hand too! Yay coffee buddies!  This was a special weekend for Catey and Kyle- it was their dating anniversary! I want to say 8 years?! 5 years?! (Catey and Kyle feel free to correct me in the comments). So we all set off bright eyed and bushy tailed to get some great shots. These two were so incredibly sweet together- it was easy to get those flirty smiles and some goofy, fun, hilariousness too. They were jumping, using props, cracking jokes- very PG Disney type jokes (which we love!) but jokes nonetheless. We had a blast. At Fort Fisher there is so much variety- beach, rocks, marsh, oak trees, sandspurs*- you may even see a wardrobe change 🙂 Catey told us before we even met that she loves “ugly photos” we usually call them “out takes”-  so we threw in one silly face photo towards the end just for you <3

We absolutely cannot wait to photograph these two on their wedding day- come on already July!!!


Hair flip awesomeness!Oh yeah- we’re just hanging out…BAM!

Thanks for being awesome Kyle and Catey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!