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Brier Creek Wedding Photography – Raleigh NC -Venue

     ~~~We are Island Creek Photography.
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 North Carolina wedding photographers,
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Jared and Stephanie are a really cool couple. They are both young but filled with ambition and drive. I picked up on this the very first time I met them. They had a detailed plan of their wedding day and had tons of ideas that they were using to make their wedding at the Brier Creek Country Club a unique and special day for them, their families and the many, many friends they invited. From custom invitations to customized reception tables, they thought of everything. Jared even made Stephanie a custom wedding day card accompanied by a rose and delivered by the best man. What a cute idea, and so thoughtful on such a busy day of your life. The whole group was fun loving (I’m sure the open bar had nothing to do with that :)…..) The guys were the first ones ready for photos and they opted for the golf course of the Brier Creek Country Club as their photography location. The golf course was also the backdrop for the outdoor wedding ceremony. The girls chose to shoot a few photos inside the lounge at the Brier Creek clubhouse. As you will see, they still had plenty of fun playing around at the bar, and kept the gathering crowd from seeing the bride’s wedding dress. We tried a few poses, not the classic wedding portrait style mind you, for instance the girls did the “little captain in you” stance, which didn’t quite work out. Synchronized leg lift practice wasn’t in the prep agenda, and so while they never got in sync for the photo, they had plenty of laughs about the failed attempts and some funny photos of their efforts. 

     The wedding ceremony was held in a garden setting that the Brier Creek Country Club and venue has prepared just for weddings. The surrounding foliage was beautiful, perfect for the wedding, and combined with the musicians’ instruments to make an inspiring look and sound, an unforgettable moment as the bride walked out and left first the audience and then the groom breathless. Soon thereafter a first kiss was shared by the new bride and groom and again friends and family were brought to tears and an outburst of clapping. The reception was a blast. Everyone was dancing as Randy from DJ Bunn played awesome songs and kept the dance floor full. The bride and groom had a perfect exit. As you’ll see in the photographs, the sparklers were filling the air as the entire crowd gathered outside to wish the happy couple off. One of my favorite photos is of Stephanie, the bride, as she takes one last look at her wedding before they leave their wedding day behind. What a moment that is for a bride! (It’s the last photo in the set). 

Please Enjoy!