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Best Wedding Photos From Edbrooke Wedding- Breakers Resort, Myrtle Beach Sc.

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Lyndsey and Jim are a great couple. They had a March wedding in Myrtle Beach at the Breaker’s Resort.  We first met at the Starbucks right in front of their wedding venue. Jim came strolling in wearing brown leather cowboy boots (I noticed because I have the same ones), and I could tell these were my kind of people. Both originally from Ohio, but now living in South Carolina, this was somewhat of a destination wedding, at least for every one else attending.  They both give a lot back. Lyndsey works with children who have learning disabilities and Jim is a Fireman and part of an Emergency Response Team. Its always awesome to see people who work hard to make a difference in the world. We hit it off right away and made plans for their wedding day. March 27th 2010 rolls around and its a great day! Perfect weather, lots of happy family and friends made their way to myrtle beach for the wedding, and the venue Breaker’s Resort did an awesome job of setting up the ceremony site.  We had a lot of fun before the wedding, everyone was relaxed and just enjoying what a beautiful occasion it was. The bridal party was tons of fun and made the photography easy.  After the wedding and a few family and bridal party photographs we headed inside the Breaker’s Resort to the top floor which has one of the best views of the ocean and Myrtle Beach you will find.  Afterwards we got a few more shots with the moon over the ocean as they went for a stroll down the sandy shoals.

If you are having a wedding in Myrtle Beach, seriously consider the Breaker’s Resort as your wedding venue. It makes things so simple to have access to either their grassy area(where this wedding was held) or the beach itself just a few feet further.  Plus the suites are huge and give way to several rooms, perfect for big families or bridal parties. And did I mention the reception venue is on the 22nd floor!!?  With windows on three sides, it was a spectacular view of the sunset and nightscene and surpassed the view of many places where you see a few trees, or a brick wall. If this sounds like your place, check out this Wedding Venue Here.

Enjoy the photos!!

P.s. Keep your eyes out for the “Trash The Dress” we did just a few days later!!