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Wedding Photos- David & Jenny. Reception- Cafe Luna Raleigh NC

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 cool wedding!~~~

 What a cool couple! I talked to Jenny many times before we met and I could tell that they were great folks. We met for the first time at THE FLYING SAUCER, which is one of my favorite places in Raleigh (their favorite too)! That in itself said a great deal about the couple 🙂 So we grabbed a booth in the back room, a few cold beers and chatted about their wedding in Cary and reception at Cafe Luna in Raleigh NC.  These folks like living life to the full. David was in the military and is big into extreme sports. His Facebook page is full of him with huge rifles overseas and on U.S. soil doing crazy stunts on bikes (and even photos from his visits to the E.R. after stunts went bad).  In fact he had an injury just a week before the wedding, but took his arm brace off so it wouldn’t show in the photography from the wedding in the church.  Jenny made him put it on for the reception, already a loving wife!   Ok, ok, back to the Flying Saucer, we hit it off great and planned out their photography for the wedding, and discussed the different wedding photography styles they prefer and what photos they could expect from those styles.  I primarily take a photojournalistic approach to each wedding with a few formal family portraits. On occasion I will throw a few ideas out if needed, but I love to let the day flow and be as little of a disturbance as possible.  Well my photography approach suited them just fine, and photojournalism is the main style of their wedding photos, but I had a little extra time with the guys before the wedding so they had some fun and I got to capture the grown men laughing like boys again!

The wedding was at a local church in downtown Cary and after a few family portraits inside we all shot over to Moore Square in downtown Raleigh for a few more photography opportunities before heading into Cafe Luna for the Reception.  Cafe Luna has a very cool setup.  Like every venue in the historic section of any city Cafe Luna is a little smaller, mainly for wedding parties of 125 or fewer. Its not a huge ballroom venue on the top floor of a hotel.  But what it loses in capacity and  overlook of the city it more than makes up for with its upper level urban appeal.  It doesn’t feel cramped with 100 people running around, it feels more like a huge family dinner party, cozy, warm and comfortable.  Like most wedding venues in the historic district, Cafe Luna is unique, very classic Italian feel with a touch of modern warmth and very chic. If this sounds like a great place for your reception, check out Cafe Luna here.

I hope you enjoy the photos!!